Who are we

We already make it, we need you to help us find the application


Two leading european producer companies

In January 2014 two leading European producer companies of safety washers, Growermetal S.p.A. (Italy) and Güde GmbH (Germany) established G & G Safety Fasteners LLC. G & G is headquartered in North America for the pooling of their know-how, experience and expertise. The commitment is to enrich the American fastener market by providing a multifaceted spectrum of standard washers as well as special washers and blanked parts. G & G Safety Fasteners LLC is the North American presence of two great European manufactures of safety washers, speaking and thinking the American language, both verbally and in business.

Product range

What do you require?

Standard or special, commercial, automotive or military – We do it all

G & G Safety Fasteners LLC is the distributor’s direct line to two of the best washer manufacturers, thanks to a complete range of high-quality products including standard safety washers according to ASME, MS, AREA, DIN, ISO standards as well as special washers and blanked parts according to drawing or Customer’s specification - all DFAR and REACH compliant.

Wedge lock washers 'Grower Twin-Lock®'
Single and double coil spring lock washers for railway tracks
Tooth washers
Conical washers
Conical Contact and Sperrkant washers
Waved and corrugated washers
Sperrkant spring washers
Retaining rings
Limes and centring rings
Flat and conical sems washers
Eccentric washers
Terminal washers
Pal nuts
Special blanked parts according to drawing or Customer's specification

We can supply you with a wide product range:

  • Split lock washers
  • Tooth washers
  • Flat washers
  • Conical washers
  • Contact washers
  • Sperrkant washers
  • Grower Twin-Lock ® wedge lock washers
  • Double coil split lock washers
  • Pal nuts
  • Waved and corrugated washers
  • Sems washers
  • Special stampings
  • Terminal washers
  • Center rings, etc.

Application fields

We already make it, we need you to help us find the application

  • Single and double coil spring lock washers for railway tracks (e.g. AREA and UIC 864)
  • Heavy, medium and light split lock washers for general mechanical fastening
    (e.g. ASME B 18.21.1)
  • Disc springs for mechanical and plant engineering (e.g. DIN 2093)
  • Tooth washers for electronic and electrical products (e.g. ASME B 18.21.1)
  • Conical and contact washers for electro mechanics (e.g. NF E 25-511 and SN 70093)
  • Conical Sperrkant washers for engines or bodies of trains
  • Flat, conical and eccentric washers for the automobile industry
  • Ribbed washers for engines
  • Wedge lock washers - The Grower Twin-Lock® for high security applications in wind power industry and various construction
    applications where high vibration exists
  • Electrical terminal washers for circuit breakers (e.g. DIN 46288)
  • Flat and conical washers for screws and nuts in sems applications
  • Limes and centering rings for trucks or agricultural machinery (e.g. DIN 74361-C)
  • Rings for fittings, hoses and valves (e.g DIN 7993)
  • Pal nuts for steel engineering (e.g. DIN 7967)


Where are we?

New Jersey - East Coast Locale

G & G Safety Fasteners LLC are ready to serve the entire north american continent. The offices are located in Morristown (NJ) where our team will support you for any needs, starting from the inquiry to the final shipment of your orders.

PO BOX 443 MENDHAM, NJ 07945 USA PHONE: +1(440) 773-4948
E-Mail: info@gagsf.com www.gagsf.com

Güde GmbH

Güde was founded in 1948 in Plettenberg (Germany) and produces lock washers, wire-bended parts as well as screw and spindle fastening devices exclusively on self-made machines. Standard and drawing parts are available in spring steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and special alloys.

Growermetal S.p.A.

Growermetal was founded in 1950 in Calco (Italy) and is a producer of elastic, safety and flat washers, blanked parts according to Customer’s specification and railway spring washers. All products are available in numerous materials and surface treatments, all DFAR and REACH compliant.